The Ride Spotlight

Spotlight: Anne Schoenemann

TEAMSurvivor Madison Member Making A Difference

April 16th, 2021  |  Rob Kelly

Anne Schoenemann enjoys being active and considers herself rather competitive. She has participated in numerous triathlons and swimming and biking events. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, she wondered what she would be able to do after completing her treatment. Seeking support, she joined TEAMSurvivor Madison, a group that provides fitness activities and community for women affected by cancer. “They’ve been a godsend and a really great group of people to be with,” she says. “They provide emotional support to us throughout our cancer journey, and they support us in challenging ourselves.”

After completing her cancer treatment at the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, Schoenemann retired after a 34-year career as a teacher in Madison. “I think the cancer experience made me stronger and helped me see what was most important in my life,” she says. “TEAMSurvivor Madison helped with that. They were there to listen to me and support me and provided opportunities for me to exercise at my ability and then push myself to get where I wanted to be—and beyond. The Ride was also part of that. I had been biking 20 miles at a time and began doing longer training rides.”

In 2020, Schoenemann and 17 other TEAMSurvivor Madison members and their supporters (71 people in all) pedaled for a total of 854 miles in The Ride to raise money for UW cancer research. Due to the pandemic, they rode individually or in socially distanced small groups. “We posted photos to our Facebook page so we could see each other and encourage each other. It was a great way to improve our health, support each other during this difficult time, and to fundraise for the great work being done at the Carbone Cancer Center. I was proud and happy to know that my TEAMSurvivor friends as well as other good friends who supported me through my cancer journey were all there. It was a special time.”

Schoenemann plans to ride again this year and expects there to be at least 20 TEAM Survivor Madison Members participating in The Ride. “I’m hoping we’ll be able to do some socially distanced biking and meet up during The Ride,” she says. “It’s always nice to meet other participants and bond through our shared experiences. That’s part of our healing and growth. It’s also a great opportunity to support people who are going through their cancer journey.”

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